March 2015

Fossil Fuels Will Save the World (Really)

polar bear oil
The Wall Street Journal
By Matt Ridley
March 13, 2015

This article disputes the three biggest arguments for giving up fossil fuels, and why oil, gas and coal are good for people and planet. While not necessarily agreeing with the views expressed throughout the article – promoting the benefits of fossil fuels and downplaying the risks of climate change – we believe it is important to keep track of these points of view, even if they are not consistent with ours.


Gigawatt Global, Responsible for East Africa’s First Solar Field, Nominated for Nobel Prize

africa solar
Jerusalem Post
By Sharon Udasin
March 14, 2015

Gigawatt Global – the first to develop a utility-scale solar field in East Africa – uses a hybrid model to address two critical issues facing Rwanda and indeed much of Africa today: a growing number of orphans and marginalized children, as well as a lack of sustainable energy model for the continent. The project has been nominated for the Nobel Prize.


The Opportunity in Tackling the Affordable Housing Challenge

McKinsey & Company 
March 2014

At a conference in Nairobi, three authors of McKinsey Global Institute’s report on affordable housing, discussed what affordability means in housing and urban development, and weigh in on ways that countries are addressing, or plan to address, the $650 billion affordable housing gap. The article is an edited transcript of their conversation. The report, A Blueprint for Addressing the Global Affordability Housing Challenge, can be downloaded here.


Do Investors Punish Companies with More Female Directors?

Institutional Investor
By Katie Gilbert
March 03, 2014


Women-led Companies Perform Three Times Better than the S&P 500
March 03, 2015
By Pat Wechsler

Two articles discuss the relationship between financial performance and female representation in corporate management. The first article disputes the link between the two, while the second finds a strong connection.