Thought Leadership

Impact Investing from Surface to Bedrock

We’re pleased to share “Impact Investing from Surface to Bedrock: One foundation digs deep to discover new forms of impact,” the story of why the Compton Foundation decided to maximize the impact of their assets, and how Sonen Capital supported the Foundation's intentions to align their investments with their mission of advancing gender and racial equity.

2022 Global Multi-Strategy Impact Report

We are pleased to unveil our latest report, showcasing the strides we have made in pursuit of financial inclusion for small and medium-sized enterprises and individuals, safeguarding precious ecosystems, and preserving access to clean water.

2022 Global Equity Impact Report

We started Sonen Global Equity 10 years ago with a goal to provide competitive financial returns alongside meaningful and measurable social and environmental impact. When we published our first impact report for this strategy, we decided to make these reports available to all, and not just investors.

On the Up & Up Podcast

Will Morgan was a recent guest on the UpMetrics podcast, On the Up and Up, where he dove deep into the data that validates if an investment is impact, or not.

2021 Global Multi-Strategy Impact Report

We are excited to share our 2021 Sonen Global Multi-Strategy Impact Report, where you can find information on our latest achievements and efforts, all aimed to provide small businesses and individuals access to finance, protect natural ecosystems and conserve access to clean water.

2021 Global Equity Impact Report

Our 9th Annual Impact Report reveals that Sonen’s Global Public Equity strategy continues to outperform its market benchmark across all ESG indicators AND financial performance.

2020 Global Multi-Strategy Impact Report

We are pleased to release our first, stand-alone, Global Multi-Strategy Impact Report. This report covers the positive impacts of our absolute return strategy that seeks to invest in assets that have a low correlation to the global equity and fixed income markets with a unique and direct social and environmental impact.

2020 Impact Report

We are pleased to release our 8th Annual Impact Report, covering our impact investments in fixed income and public equity. New to our analysis this year, we illustrate how our own internal impact frameworks align closely with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and lead to investments that are providing critical solutions to the challenges of climate change, resource use, and equitable economic development among others.

Investing in Financial Inclusion

Sonen Capital's Impact Framework series continues with our webinar on Financial Inclusion. Also included are answers to the questions we did not have time for during the presentation.

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