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Investing with Sonen

The pressing challenges of natural resource scarcity and broad climate change – combined with global population growth, an expanding middle class, rapid urbanization and strengthening environmental and social policies – are driving a transition towards investment solutions for sustainable economic development.

Our strategies reflect the conviction that investing to generate financial returns and lasting social and environmental impact are not only compatible, but also mutually reinforcing objectives.

Custom Impact

Sonen’s multi-manager investment approach aims to achieve appropriate portfolio diversification by providing access to high-quality impact strategies. The benefits of our integrated investment and impact expertise include:

Why Sonen invests for impact

The creation of Sonen itself was based on the idea that investing for positive social and environmental change can lead not only to positive impact but also deliver competitive financial returns. We believe that investment capital can, and is a fundamental solution to, addressing social, economic, and environmental sustainability. All of our investments are oriented toward creating positive social and environmental impacts that range from reducing climate emissions to redressing social inequities, and we measure and report these impacts across asset classes and investment portfolios.


We believe that generating financial returns and creating social and environmental impact are not only compatible, but also mutually reinforcing objectives. Sonen considers social and environmental performance data in our investment decision-making process, participates in active shareholder engagement, and monitors and reports on the impact of its investments.


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