June 2015



Ikea to Spend €1bn to Tackle Climate Change

BBC News
By Roger Harrabin
June 4, 2015

Furniture giant Ikea says it will spend €1bn over the next five years, on top of the €1.5bn it has already spent since 2009, to combat climate change. This is far more than many countries are spending, and Ikea says if other firms follow suit, they can meaningfully bring down the price of renewable energy.


CalPERS Gives its Managers ESG Ultimatum
Top 1000 Funds
By Amanda White
May 22, 2015

In what promises to be a transformational moment for ESG integration and investment manager accountability, CalPERS will require all of its managers to identify and articulate ESG in their investment process. “This is going beyond asking are you a signatory to the PRI? It lifts the lid, as they have to report to us on this,” says Anne Simpson, senior portfolio manager and director of global governance.


Are Rich Subsidies for Solar Holding the Industry Back?
Corporate Knights
Summer 2015 Issue

Ten years ago, the solar industry was provided subsidies needed to reach competitive economies of scale. Today, the founder of the world’s largest solar services provider argues that it’s time for the solar industry to stand on its own.


Oil Sands Moratorium

A diverse group of over 100 scientists present a unified voice calling for a moratorium on new oil sands projects. They present 10 facts, each grounded in science, which they believe should be at the center of the public debate about oil sands development, a carbon-intensive source of non-renewable energy.

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