August 2015




Making Waves in the Shipping Industry
By Helen Marks
Summer 2015

If the maritime shipping industry were a country it would be among the top ten producers of greenhouse gas emissions globally. Ninety percent of the world’s goods are transported by the international shipping industry, estimates the International Chamber of Shipping. Though more efficient than other forms of cargo, such as rail and truck, the shipping industry still has a tremendous climate impact. 

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REPORT: The cost of Inaction: Recognizing the Value at Risk from Climate Change

The Economist
July 24, 2015

The asset management industry is increasingly forced to confront the prospect of significant losses resulting from the effects of climate change. According to this report, manageable assets are at risk for 4.2 trillion USD of present value. The interconnected nature of the problem stands to reduce returns, even on investments unharmed by physical damage.


Ikea to Replace All Lighting on Shelves with LED Bulbs

The Guardian
August 10, 2015

Beginning in September, Ikea will only sell LED bulbs as part of its overall sustainability efforts. The company had initially planned a major investment in compact fluorescent lights, but it redirected it to LEDs. Ikea is also working to reduce its company-wide energy use and to include more renewables, with a goal of producing as much renewable energy as the total it consumes globally by 2020. By the end of 2015, Ikea expects that its renewable energy investments in the US will produce four times more energy than what the company uses in its American operations. 


Nike’s Logistics Center is China’s First LEED Platinum Warehouse

The Guardian
August 24, 2015

Nike’s China Logistics Center – the country’s first LEED Platinum warehouse – is projected to reduce CO2 emissions by 4,200 tons annually. The 200,000 square meter facility is expected to save 4,400,000 kilowatts of power annually by using energy efficient lighting, an on-site solar heating system and access to natural light. The center will also have a real-time display of energy savings and is designed to reduce annual water consumption by 80 percent over the current baseline. 

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