December 2015


 Impact Investing Done Right 

By Robert Milburn
November 28, 2015

An entirely new generation of investors are coming up the ranks and rattling conventionally minded private bankers. From 2007 to 2061, $59 trillion in assets will pass on to heirs. These folks want their investments to not just make money but also make a better world. Learn how three families decided to have their values reflected in their portfolios despite financiers skepticism around impact investing.


Climate change and choosing where to invest

The New York Times
By Paul Sullivan
December 4, 2015

Climate change has finally gotten the attention of world leaders, who made an agreement at COP21 in Paris last week. However, investors continue to struggle with connecting their desire for a better planet with their need for investment returns — or even to understand how climate change could affect their portfolios. 



10 Things to know about Climate finance in 2015 

December, 2015

These ten infographics break down the numbers on climate finance and underline the following facts:

  • Climate finance spending has continued to rise in 2015.
  • Governments, development banks and private investors have increased their commitments to provide climate finance over the coming years.



REPORT: Profile of Responsible Investors in Europe 

December, 2015

Novethic, released their annual survey against the backdrop of the climate summit in Paris. The report highlights the landscape of responsible investors in Europe who are integrating ESG criteria in order to take into account the three dimensions of “planet, people, profit”. European Institutional investors are gradually structuring themselves to address extra-financial challenges such as climate challenges raised during COP21.