Navigating Climate Risk: Ceres’ Primer for Family Offices



September 20, 2013



Ceres, a leading Boston-based NGO that advocates for a sustainable global economy, recently released a new primer that provides guidance to family offices on navigating climate risk in investment portfolios.


By their nature, family offices are designed to take a very long-term view, responsibly stewarding family resources for generations in perpetuity. Since climate risk has serious long-term implications (though increasingly, lack of attention to climate risk results in negative short-term impacts as well), family offices have a particular interest in wisely managing this critical investment risk.


Ceres’ primer provides nine action steps that family offices can take toward mitigating climate risk in investment portfolios and toward pursuing climate-related investment opportunities. In addition, the primer provides background on affinity groups, investment research, and other resources family offices can draw upon as they design and implement a climate-conscious investment strategy.


Sonen Capital is listed as an impact investing resource and was interviewed for this paper.


Download the report at CERES.

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