Sonen provides impact investment and advisory services to families, foundations, institutions and advisors. As an employee-owned B Corporation, we are committed to integrating social and environmental impact into the investment process to deliver on your financial and impact goals.

Who we serve

Impact Investing for Foundations & Endowments

We work with community, private and corporate foundations to help them fulfill their purpose through their investments. We understand that every dollar you invest or grant, represents a potential outcome of lasting and meaningful impact. Our engagements often begin with a foundation’s desire to do more with their capital and further align their investment portfolio with their mission.


We typically start with board level education and help you define your strategy around mission-aligned investing. Through a detailed process, we co-create, or build on, impact investment policy statements to support your long-term financial and impact objectives. We then implement your tailored plan with a custom portfolio that starts or continues the transition to more sustainable, outcome driven investments.

Impact Investing for Individuals & Families

Sonen Capital works with individuals and their families to help them realize their financial and impact goals. Our partnership starts with the thoughtful evaluation of your financial needs and values, which we develop into a long-term plan to protect, grow and express your wealth and impact objectives.


Each portfolio is as unique as the client, and we customize our services to meet your needs for every stage of life and evolution of impact. We commit to forming deeply personal relationships built on mutual trust, and you can be confident that we will serve you with the highest standards of integrity and guidance, because we are all working towards a better tomorrow.

Impact Investing for Institutions and Advisors

We’re honored to work alongside some of the finest advisory, consultancy and investment institutions contributing to the sustainable investment landscape. Financial advisors and intermediaries play a critical role in helping clients achieve their goals, and we add the impact investing expertise necessary to meet their unique situations. Whether by intentional focus or in response to client demand, we are often approached by asset managers looking to incorporate impact into their client portfolios.


Our extensive network, deal sourcing, rigorous impact investment process, and custom reporting provide the discipline and trust asset mangers require for successful and supportive impact integration. If you seek financially competitive, turn-key impact funds with low minimums and fees or have an impact mandate for part of your client’s overall portfolio, we have the product or can custom build one to achieve your client’s objectives.

We believe that investment capital can help meet large-scale global challenges.

Every client is different, and every portfolio we create is tailored to suit each client’s financial goals and impact objectives.

Whether you are a family, foundation, institution or part of their advisory teams, our process starts with active listening and thoughtful conversation to reach a shared vision and co-create a financial and impact roadmap.

Through our framework driven impact investment process, rigorous due diligence, and meticulous planning, we move your dreams from idea to the implementation of investable opportunities.

We then connect your long-term goals with qualifiable metrics and apply our award-winning reporting to keep you informed and showcase the results of your impact driven investments.


We support the mission of these organizations and are currently, or have been, members.