Impact Investing from Surface to Bedrock


We’re pleased to share “Impact Investing from Surface to Bedrock: One foundation digs deep to discover new forms of impact,” the story of why the Compton Foundation decided to maximize the impact of their assets, and how Sonen Capital supported the Foundation’s intentions to align their investments with their mission of advancing gender and racial equity.


This report also includes the Racial Equity in Investing Compass, which Sonen and members of Confluence Philanthropy authored, as a set of guiding principles for how investing can redress systemic racial inequalities. The Compass distills the ways investment opportunities across asset classes, alongside collective action and advocacy, are necessary to end systems and practices of inequity based on race.


At Sonen we believe investing to generate competitive financial returns and lasting social and environmental impact are compatible and mutually reinforcing objectives.​ Our client-centric approach is designed to ensure the development of solutions that align with our clients’ aspirations, and we believe that similar organizations can learn from the Compton Foundation’s story of philanthropy and impact investment to activate 100% of their capital.

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