Impact Investing in Public Markets


Financial Advisor Magazine, By Tom Kostigen

May 14, 2014



Last fall, one of the most talked about developments in the impact investing industry was Sonen Capital’s report on market-rate returns garnered by impact investments. The study leaned on the investment experiences of the KL Felicitas Foundation.


Now Sonen has produced an equally compelling report on impact investing in the public markets. Read it here.

“Results highlight that meaningful impact can exist through a variety of investment approaches in public markets, demonstrating that impact is not limited to a particular asset class,” Sonen reports.

This is one of the most important topics for financial advisors and investors alike because it hits at the heart of one of the biggest concerns people have when considering impact investments: liquidity. Moreover, many broker dealers prohibit advisors from selling illiquid investment products (never mind illiquid investments that are domiciled half a world away).


So Sonen’s benchmark approach, complete with illustrations no less, is a wonderful resource any advisor or investor considering impact investing should read.


“Through public markets investments, investors can actively pursue solutions to global problems in impact themes such as resource scarcity, economic development and climate change,” Sonen says.


In other words, impact investments are not strictly private assets.


Read the full article on Financial Advisor Magazine.

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