Impact Investor Global Summit Takeaway: No More Excuses


Recently, Sonen’s Head of Impact Engagement, Amanda Feldman attended the New Private Markets Impact Investor Global Summit in London. This well-curated event brought together leaders of global asset managers, institutional investors and intermediaries fostering deep-dive conversations among peers. Over two days, the summit featured some of the top names in impact investing who shared perspectives to better understand the range of investment solutions available in the marketplace and learn about the opportunities waiting on the sidelines as the industry grows. From harnessing nature-based solutions to decarbonizing with economic incentives, generalists and specialists gave attendees insights towards potential solutions to complex challenges targeting themes such as climate, biotech, impact measurement and the priorities of institutional investors.


Amanda participated in an energetic and engaging panel titled 100% Impact: A Deep Dive into the Perspective of Asset Owners with Francesca Spoerry, Head of Trainings and Partnerships, Center for Sustainable Finance and Private Wealth, University of Zurich, Alessandra Caine, Impact Investor Relations Manager, Toniic, Peter Jaderberg, Founder and Principal, Jaderberg & Cie, and Priya Parrish, Partner and CIO, Impact Engine. This session delved into the investment priorities of investors aiming for 100% impact, examining the opportunities they may pursue across asset classes, and their perspectives on optimizing financial risk, return and impact. Additionally, it discussed the evolution of impact measurement to a point where investors can genuinely understand what is being achieved within the constraints of each asset class, as well as across their entire portfolio.


Amanda’s takeaway is “No more excuses” – there are numerous ways to align a total portfolio with an asset owner’s values, allowing us all to begin and encourage more capital to move from the sidelines.

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