Takeaways from SF Climate Week 2024


As the world grapples with the urgent need for climate action, San Francisco’s second annual Climate Week continues to lead with entrepreneurship, technical advancement, and investment innovation. Last week 15,000+ people from all over the world convened to collaborate and address the pressing environmental challenges of our time. In one of the opening events hosted by Generation Asset Management, former Vice President Al Gore delivered a message that encapsulated the spirit of the week. “We don’t have to sacrifice values for value,” Gore declared.


Reflecting on the week, Sonen’s Director of Private Investments, Carolyn Ezelino shares, “I’m in awe of the exponential growth of SF’s Climate Week. The flurry of oversubscribed events, the buzz of bright minds exchanging ideas, the pure energy of what it’s like to unite and bond over a shared passion, one could not help believe that with collective determination and commitment, we can forge a path towards a more sustainable future. As one manager I met with put it, ‘it takes a village.’ Our village has talent, resources, intellect, and willpower, but much work is needed. It’s clear to me that Sonen has an opportunity to play a unique role in this space as a convener, thought leader, advisor, and asset allocator. Given our access to capital across asset classes and risk/return profiles, we can work with clients to fund anything from moonshot ideas to green deployment and anything in between. Our challenge is ensuring that the right type of capital is being used to back the myriad of investment opportunities that exist.”


Sonen team members also attended Latin America themed sessions focused on carbon markets, climate tech and the VC ecosystem. Latin America is a region profoundly affected by the climate crisis. With vast natural reserves like the Amazon rainforest and abundant freshwater reserves throughout the continent, safeguarding these resources with sustainable use is imperative to their preservation in the face of ecological threats. In addition to ecological capital, the region stands poised to lead in the supply of goods, propelled by the strategic shift towards nearshoring, which aims to mitigate supply chain vulnerabilities while simultaneously curbing greenhouse gas emissions. The shared perspectives at the end of the week indicate the region knows it is in a pivotal moment for scaling up decarbonization efforts, but understanding what is opportunity and what is threat, is the main obstacle to collaboration.


The week was inspiring, whether it was climate tech venture and growth equity panels, AI climate solutions, or volunteers connecting and picking up trash at Ocean Beach – it was powerful to see the broader ecosystem come together and demonstrate that economic prosperity and environmental stewardship can be mutually beneficial. We’re excited to see how Sonen Capital can continue to carry the momentum.

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