Sonen Capital Awarded Impact Asset Manager of the Year

Raul Pomares Founder of Sonen Capital left receiving the award for Impact Asset Manager of the Year from GSG Chair Sir Ronald Cohen

November 18, 2019

Buenos Aires, Argentina


From the main stage at the GSG Impact Summit, Sir Ronald Cohen, Chair of the Global Steering Group (GSG) for Impact Investment, congratulated Sonen Capital for winning its Impact Asset Manager of the Year award.


The GSG Impact Honours celebrates leaders, organizations and entrepreneurs that address pressing social and environmental challenges in innovative, scalable ways. This particular award is presented each year to an impact fund manager that invests significant impact capital to achieve social and environmental goals.


In GSG’s communication to Sonen, they applauded Sonen’s investment approach, which they said, “implements high quality impact strategies, measures their impact through integrated financial and impact analysis, and reports on impact at the aggregate portfolio and underlying investment level.” GSG also noted that “We view this as an example to follow.”


“We would like to thank The GSG for this recognition that underscores the value that our investment approach and impact measurement and methodology are having for our clients and the impact investment industry,” said Raul Pomares, Founder of Sonen Capital. He added, “We hope that the traditional financial services industry starts to adopt our belief that generating financial returns and creating social and environmental impact are not only compatible, but also mutually reinforcing objectives.”


Sir Ronald Cohen Chairman GSG center with this years GSG Millennial Honor and Impact Honors awardees at the GSG Summit 2019


Pomares also thanked the Sonen team for their tireless work and innovation, asset owners for their trust and partnership, and colleagues in the industry for their development of the field. Sonen Capital is a dedicated impact investment management firm that directs capital to investment opportunities that help meet large-scale social and environmental challenges. Sonen believes that in order to combat these pressing global challenges, asset owners, intermediaries, policy makers and entrepreneurs must align around a common understanding that success should be defined and measured through financial results and social and environmental benefits, so that together, we can confront the greatest threats to people and planet.

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