Sonen Wins Best Report by Asset Manager


The RI Reporting Awards 2018 were held on the evening of Tuesday June 5 at the RI Europe 2018 Gala Dinner — with wins in the four categories for ABP, Swedfund, Kempen and Sonen Capital.


The awards are organized by Responsible Investor in association with their research partner Responsible Finance Research. The awards were established in 2013 to create an aspirational benchmark for asset owners and asset managers. The RI Reporting Awards are based on proprietary research of more than 2,500 asset owner and asset manager reports around the world, resulting in 40 nomiations.


Using publicly available information, RI looked for reporting best practice in terms of simplicity, relevance, disclosure and process, applying a series of pre-determined objective indicators to create pools of RI reports which are short-listed for consideration by their expert panel of Awards Judges.


Full results, including commended entries, methodology and the lists of judges can be found here. Comments from the judges can be found here. Select comments from judges regarding Sonen’s win are below.

Award for Best RI Report by an Asset Manager, Medium & Small Firms <€25bn
Sonen Capital

Selected comments from the judges:

• Commendable for tackling the challenge of impact assessment and reporting head on and across asset classes
• SDGs woven throughout the report, not just referenced
• Thematic information well presented
• Excellent all inclusive report
• Performance and outcome attributes
• Clear and bold statement of performance – excellent
• Impressive detail on the impact methodology
• Clearly distinguishes between “sustainable” and “thematic” investments, which it measures across a great number of metrics
• Has developed a very credible and realistic impact framework

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