Sonen Wins ThinkAdvisor Luminaries Award for Thought Leadership & Education



San Francisco, CA – December 4, 2023 – Sonen Capital, one of North America’s leading impact investment solutions firms, was awarded the 2023 ThinkAdvisor LUMINARIES award in the Thought Leadership & Education (RIA) category last week at Gotham Hall in New York City. The award was received by Sonen’s Head of Impact Engagement, Amanda Feldman.


The Class of 2023 Luminaries is more than a list of those with the largest assets or firms making headlines for the latest industry buzz. Instead, it comprises individuals and organizations that have demonstrated a commitment to producing meaningful and sustainable results. Sonen Capital’s selection by the esteemed panel of 17 judges and the editorial team is a testament to Sonen’s ongoing efforts to meet client needs and introduce innovative features to our services.


The Luminaries Awards distinguish themselves by focusing on areas crucial to financial advisors and their clients, namely Community Impact, Executive Leadership, Financial & Investment Innovation, and, notably, Thought Leadership & Education. As one of ten firms that competed for the top honors, we are grateful to be recognized among those organizations as a firm driving positive change and high-quality thought leadership.


At Sonen, impact measurement and reporting play a vital role in promoting sustainable and responsible business practices, informing decision-making, and building trust among stakeholders. As the importance of environmental and social considerations continues to grow, impact reporting is likely to become even more integral to the business and investment landscape.


As a leader in our industry and field, Sonen Capital is committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation and knowledge dissemination, and we will continue to make significant contributions to the broader conversation surrounding sustainable and impact investing.

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