Women Investing in Women in Latin America


Women Investing in Women in Latin America

At a recent Latimpacto event in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Sonen Managing Director, Sandra Sainz, took part in a panel discussion centered on “Women Investing in Women in Latin America.” The panel, comprised of women who invest in the Latin America region, provided valuable insights into the unique challenges female entrepreneurs face, the importance of aligning their investments with their values, and the need for support from male allies.


The conversation delved into the dual objectives of achieving competitive financial returns while also fostering gender equality and empowerment. Ms. Sainz introduced a strategic framework aimed at guiding investors towards these objectives. This framework encourages investors to seek outcomes, target specific impact themes, and measure what matters. Ms. Sainz approach encourages investors to consider the gender dimension at three critical levels: fund management and capital allocators, the entrepreneurs and business owners who receive financing, and the ultimate beneficiaries or users of the goods and services.

This comprehensive approach helps integrate, and ultimately realize, gender-specific impact into every stage of the investment process.


Pictured left to right:

Daniela Konietzko, President of Fundacion WWB Colombia

Alix Lebec, Founder and CEO of Lebec Consulting

Wenyi Cai, Founder and CEO of Polymath Ventures

Sandra Sainz, Managing Director of Sonen Capital

Payal Pathak, Program Officer at Visa Foundation

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