Performance Update: Evolution of an Impact Portfolio


 Evolution of an Impact Portfolio KL Felicitas

We share two additional years of financial performance results for the KL Felicitas Foundation, providing a nine-year history of returns for the Foundation’s 100% impact portfolio.


This report updates the information provided in the October 2013 report, Evolution of an Impact Report: From Implementation to Results, which highlighted the financial performance of the KL Felicitas Foundation’s portfolio from 2006 – 2012.


The report displays financial performance across multiple asset classes versus their traditional benchmarks, including Cash & Cash Equivalents, Fixed Income, Public Equity, Hedge Funds and Impact First. Once again, the performance demonstrates that impact investments can compete with, and at times outperform, traditional asset class strategies while pursuing meaningful and measurable social and environmental impact.


We hope this report continues to inspire investors to mobilize their assets in line with their values to address the world’s greatest challenges.


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