On the Up & Up Podcast



Will Morgan was a recent guest on the UpMetrics podcast, On the Up and Up, where he dove deep into the data that validates if an investment is impact, or not. 


As important as financial statistics are, Will states that impact data provides “an opportunity to really look at investment performance in a more holistic way beyond just the return on an investment, but thinking about, have lives changed, is this a demonstrable contribution to climate change or equity?” 


More than just a tool to evaluate financial performance, data outputs inform investors if they are achieving the outcomes they seek in their impact investments. Listen to On the Up and Up here.


UpMetrics also recently published a “Partner Spotlight” that discusses how Sonen utilizes their platform to visualize impact outputs. Download to see the six ways other impact investors can learn from Sonen’s experience with impact data management.


Read, Generating Returns, Providing Impact: How Sonen Capital is Leading the Way for a Data-Fueld Future for Impact Investing. Generating Returns, Proving Impact: How Sonen Capital is Leading the Way for a Data-Fueled Future for Impact Investing.


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