Thought Leadership

Investing in Financial Inclusion

Greater access to financial services is more important than ever. Financial services of all types play a critical role in global social and economic development. In this Impact Framework, lay out where we believe investors can allocate capital to meet financial inclusion goals to expand access, improve affordability and increase products and services for underserved populations.

The New Operating Environment Facing Latin American Capital Providers

The Collaborative for Finance, in partnership with Sonen Capital, Fondos de Fondos and Dalberg recently conducted a survey of capital managers targeting micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in Latin America and the Caribbean to better understand how COVID-19 is impacting MSMEs and the local capital providers that support them.

Impact Investing Handbook

Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors published the “Impact Investing Handbook: An Implementation Guide for Practitioners”—180 pages of helping asset owners turn interest into action. Case studies include the KL Felicitas Foundation, Skoll Foundation and The Nathan Cummings Foundation & Sonen Capital.

2019 Impact Report

Sonen's Impact Report provides an in-depth and multidimensional view of the sustainability characteristics of our four investment strategies.

Latin America, Two Views, One Region of Opportunity

From the main stage at SOCAP19, Raul Pomares of Sonen Capital and Rodrigo Villar of New Ventures discuss the impact investment opportunity in Latin America. They discuss their impressions of the impact ecosystem, quality of expertise and investments, and entrepreneurship throughout LATAM. They discuss the misconceptions investors have when considering the region, from violence to deal flow, and how the impact community is innovating to rise above those issues to get Latin America on investor's radars.

Divest Invest Philanthropy

This report tracks the progress of the nearly 200 foundation signatories of Divest Invest Philanthropy, five years after the initiative was launched. The report showcases leading examples through case studies, and invites other foundations to come along.

2018 Impact Report

Sonen is delighted to share with you our sixth annual Impact Report, which provides a meaningful and multidimensional view of the sustainability metrics and social and environmental impact of our four investment strategies.

Podcast: Raúl Pomares | Doing Good by Doing Well Has Never Been Easier

Meeting large-scale global challenges using investment capital is easy if you are willing to learn form the best. In this podcast, Raúl shares his strategy and busts the myth that there are not enough impact investment opportunities. He shows how to generate "market-based financial returns with meaningful long-term positive social and environmental benefits." Available from AQAL Integral Investing and on Soundcloud.

Podcast: Sustainability & Impact Investing

In this episode of The Money Movement, Raul Pomares talks to us about the power of investing to create change in the world. He’s the founder of Sonen Capital, an investment firm dedicated to sustainable investing. Raul spent years building portfolios for foundations, funds, and even co-founded a boutique wealth management firm during the tech boom of the 90’s. Through our discussion, we explore how the newest generation of investors want to see how their money can make a positive difference in the world. Available through BBC Storyworks and on Soundcloud.