Thought Leadership

2013 Annual Impact Report — Impact Investing in Public Markets

We are pleased to share with you the second report in Sonen's Lessons from the Field series, 2013 Annual Impact Report – Impact Investing in Public Markets: Methodology, Analysis and Thought Leadership. This report illustrates clearly and specifically, the quantitative and qualitative impact performance data on Sonen's public markets investment strategies.

The Art of Impact Investing

The purpose of the conference was to bring together a community of socially innovative thinkers who understand what is good for society is also good for business. Managing Director, Julia Sze discusses impact investing solutions in a session titled, The Art of Impact Investing. NOTE: The clip is from 41:16 to 1:30:39.

From Ideas to Practice, Pilots to Strategy

From Ideas to Practice, Pilots to Strategy is both an attempt — and an opportunity — to disseminate the best practices and lessons learned from the first movers, early adopters and bold innovators in the field of impact investing, with the goal of further advancing the sector.

Evolution of an Impact Portfolio: From Implementation to Results

Sonen Capital, a leading Social & Environmental impact investment firm, in collaboration with the KL Felicitas Foundation (KLF), announced the launch of the first-of-its-kind report detailing the financial performance of an impact investing portfolio.

Embracing the Genius of AND: Financial Returns AND Social Impact

Raúl Pomares discusses his experience developing integrated investment portfolios that deliver financial returns AND social impact.

Blueprint for Impact Investing: Leveraging Financial and Intellectual Capital

Tom Bird, Sonen's Entrepreneur in Residence, speaks to his involvement in activities within impact investing and shares lessons learned.

Solutions for Impact Investors: From Strategy to Implementation

A challenging economic climate for investors, donors and nonprofits alike has prompted increased interest in "impact investing," leveraging a broad range of investments to address major social and environmental problems while also earning a return. For investors exploring this nascent field, Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors has published Solutions for Impact Investors: From Strategy to Implementation, practical guidance on tightening the link between making investment decisions and impact.

Promoting Sustainable Food Systems Through Impact Investing

Opportunities to invest in domestic sustainable food and agriculture have grown dramatically in the last decade. There now exists a vibrant ecosystem of investors, philanthropists, policy makers, food producers, and advocacy groups, all in tireless pursuit of a solution.

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