2022 Global Equity Impact Report




We started Sonen Global Equity with a goal to provide competitive financial returns alongside meaningful and measurable social and environmental impact. We believe integrating non-financial factors into portfolio construction enhances security selection and can lead to meaningful financial performance over time. Beyond the potential financial upside, we believe that the corporate world’s active embrace of sustainability issues, particularly climate change, resource use and social inequalities, will be a major driver and contributor to the eventual and inevitable transition to a more sustainable global future.


This report highlights 10 years of data measuring 8 ESG key performance indicators and highlighting seven impact themes. Our portfolio of ESG and thematic securities also shows 10 contributions to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. In addition to investing in companies we believe make measurable contributions to sustainability issues, we also aim to improve corporate leadership through shareholder engagement and by using our voice and invested assets to advocate on critical topics such as conflict minerals and sustainable food systems.


When we published our first impact report for this strategy, we decided to make these reports available to all, and not just investors. Transparency earns trust, and it helps educate and develop an ecosystem while separating meaningful impact from hollow sustainability claims. Since inception, with few exceptions, the Sonen Global Equity strategy has exhibited consistent outperformance on all ESG characteristics. Ten years and ten impact reports later, our focus has not waivered and still reflects the conviction that investing to generate financial returns and lasting social and environmental impact are not only compatible, but also mutually reinforcing objectives.


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