2022 Global Multi-Strategy Impact Report



2022 Global Multi-Strategy Impact Report

We are pleased to unveil our latest report, showcasing the strides we have made in pursuit of our mission. At Sonen Capital, we remain committed to fostering financial inclusion for small and medium-sized enterprises and individuals, safeguarding precious ecosystems, and preserving access to clean water.


Central to our strategy is our absolute return approach, which focuses on investments in assets that exhibit minimal correlation with global equity and fixed income markets. Notably, our strategy delivers both financial performance and meaningful social and environmental benefits. In our sixth comprehensive Global Multi-Strategy Impact Report, learn about the significant achievements and dedicated efforts we have undertaken to bring about positive change.


One of the core areas of impact for our strategy revolves around extending financial services to small businesses and individuals worldwide. In emerging markets, our focus lies in nurturing the growth of small businesses, empowering local entrepreneurs, and stimulating economic progress. Meanwhile, in the United States, we concentrate on addressing the financial needs of rural communities, which often suffer from limited access to financial services offered by major institutions. By catering to these underserved regions, we empower individuals and businesses to thrive and contribute to their local economies.


Furthermore, our strategy prioritizes pressing environmental issues. We actively engage in the preservation of natural resources, promoting the transition to a renewable energy economy, and championing water conservation and ecosystem protection. Through our investments, we aim to make a lasting and meaningful impact on the health of our planet and secure a sustainable future for generations to come.


Sonen Global Multi-Strategy encapsulates our commitment to creating positive change through innovative financial solutions. We invite you to delve into our report and explore the advancements we have made in unlocking opportunities for small businesses, safeguarding our environment, enhancing access to finance, and creating positive change.


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